Monday, January 13, 2020

Connecting the SAP Solution Landscape

The APOS Live Data Gateway solution now not only provides data connectivity to a broad range of data sources, but also is capable of serving data from those sources to any SAP application that can consume data via SAP Native, JDBC or OData methods, including:
  • SAP Anlaytics Cloud
  • SAP Datasphere (Data Warehouse Cloud)
  • SAP BusinessObjects

With these new capabilities, the APOS Live Data Gateway expands, simplifies and unifies data connectivity across the SAP Solution Landscape.

Creating a Unified Semantic Layer – APOS Views

The APOS Live Data Gateway provides connectivity to a wide range of supported data sources, and the APOS Unified Semantic Layer provided by APOS Views provides a consistent view of your data.

APOS Views provide a semantic layer between your enterprise data sources and your SAP solutions, allowing you to establish measures and dimensions centrally, control and govern what data is exposed, address table links and joins, and apply meaningful business names to alias your data field names. The simplified data connection process enables easier report, dashboard and story creation by a broader range of users.

The APOS Live Data Gateway uses APOS Views to connect to the target data source creating a Unified Semantic Layer that provides a simplified and consistent connection point into the available data.

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