Tuesday, November 28, 2023

openSAP Podcast – Extending SAP Analytics Cloud Capabilities with APOS Solutions

How do APOS solutions complement and extend SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities for the Intelligent Enterprise?

That was SAP podcaster Malavikha’s question for APOS COO Allan Pym in this recent openSAP podcast.

Customer Success – Aspris - APOS Live Data Gateway

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Malavikha noted that APOS Systems is a long-time SAP BI and Anlaytics partner.

Allan talked about:

  • APOS Live Data Gateway Live, secure, high-performance data connectivity to non-SAP data sources for SAP Analytics Cloud
  • APOS Publisher for Cloud publishing / broadcasting SAP Analytics Cloud content / reports to a variety of recipients – the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right format

Malavikha emphasized the unique nature of the Live Data Gateway offering: “No one else is providing this kind of live connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud.”

She also noted that the purposes of SAP Analytics Cloud and APOS Publisher for Cloud are different and complementary. Whereas SAC provides “an engaging, online, real-time analytics experience,” Publisher for Cloud “serves a very different requirement where reports are being distributed, or ‘pushed,’ out to people.”


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