Monday, November 2, 2020

APOS Customer Success - Amer Sports

Amer Sports is a sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands, including Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Suunto, Wilson and Precor. Its business is balanced through its broad portfolio of sports and products and a presence in all major markets.

Amer Sports’ Challenges

Amer Sports was moving all of its SAP BW reporting from BEx Analyzer to Analysis for Office (AO). However, the need for targeted bursting and distribution of AO reports created a major roadblock. With the existing BEx broadcasting solution, they would burst as many as 200 versions of the same report. They considered SAP BusinessObjects as an alternative, but considered setup and maintenance to be too time consuming, as each version of a report would need to be set up and maintained individually.

APOS Customer Success - Amer Sports

Solution - APOS Publisher

  • Personalized Bursting
    Amer Sports uses APOS Publisher’s report bursting capabilities to personalize reports for management, sales and operations, ensuring each recipient gets the right information at the right time.
  • Targeted Distribution
    Amer Sports uses APOS Publisher’s report distribution capabilities to push AO reports out to the destination which work best for each recipient, and which provides the most efficiency.
  • Tailored Formats
    APOS Publisher allows Amer Sports to burst reports from AO in a wide range of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, RTF and images in email to meet the individual needs of recipients.


“APOS Bursting Manager provided an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-maintain solution to our bursting issue. We currently send out 100s of reports every day using the bursting module, and are beginning to get more sophisticated in our approach, utilizing the distribution functions to send in PDF format. Management and sales people on the go appreciate being able to open PDFs on their mobile devices, making them more efficient. In addition, we were able to turn over recipient maintenance to the business, allowing more agility when changes are needed, and freeing up IT resources for other tasks.”

Dave Bucher, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, Amer Sports



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