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TDWI Maturity Models & APOS Live Data Gateway

TDWI has recently deployed assessment programs for data management maturity and analytics maturity models, both of which identify trends and place heavy emphasis on establishing sound data architecture and data governance. Maturity models generally present a framework that allows organizations to judge their practices in relation to peer organizations and develop strategies for optimization.

APOS Live Data Gateway is a middleware platform which provides virtualized data connection and data transformation to enable live data connectivity and expanded data source options for SAP Analytics Cloud, with a primary focus on non-SAP data sources. Its data virtualization and self-service modelling capabilities can help organizations meet many of their data management and analytics challenges.

TDWI Data Management Maturity Model

The TDWI Data Management Maturity Model Assessment uses research sponsored by Denodo and SAP, and is authored by Deanne Larson, Ph.D., whose research focuses on enterprise data strategy, agile analytics, and data science best practices. She identifies a number of trends presenting challenges for data management, including:

  • Data Fabric - establishing an environment that unifies architecture and provides services or technologies to help organizations manage data.
  • Diverse Data Types - making diverse data types from diverse sources available to increase value from analytics.
  • Hybrid Cloud Environments - mitigating the risks inherent in rapid migration of data to Cloud environments, and managing the expansion of that data.

TDWI Analytics Maturity Model

The TDWI Analytics Maturity Model Assessment uses research sponsored by a number of analytics vendors, including SAP, and is authored by Fern Halper, Ph.D., whose research focuses on advanced analytics, focusing on predictive analytics, social media analysis, text analytics, cloud computing. She identifies trends presenting challenges for analytics, including:

  • Self-Service across the Analytics Life Cycle - enabling business analysts and non-technical users to access trustworthy data and derive insights.
  • The Cloud - Optimizing Cloud and Multicloud deployments and services using "best-of-breed" software and service providers.
  • Unifying Data Platforms - using cloud-based data warehouses and virtualization to achieve high data quality and trusted analytics.

APOS Live Data Gateway - Enhancing Data Fabric

Digital transformation places a high value on the secure and seamless flow of data within increasingly complex and cloud-based data architecture. APOS Live Data Gateway releases the value of your data while safeguarding data access and governance through virtualized data connectivity.

Extend Analytics Live Connectivity

APOS Live Data Gateway provides live data connectivity for most industry-standard relational, OLAP, and Cloud data sources.

Live Data Connectivity - Relational, OLAP, Cloud Data Sources

Virtualize Connectivity

Create a single, simplified and consistent connection point into the available relational, OLAP, Cloud, and Hadoop data using APOS Live Data Gateway's Data Virtualization Layer.

APOS Live Data Gateway - Data Virtualization Layer

Enable Self-Service Analytics

Create views on data assets to:

  • Define measures and dimensions
  • Define which data fields are exposed
  • Manage table links and joins
  • Set meaningful field names

Views create a semantic layer, enabling a self-service environment in which analysts and business users can build stories using consistent data, while governing access to data.

APOS Live Data Gateway - Data Preparation Layer

Enable Data Consumption Across the Analytics Landscape

APOS Live Data Gateway's Data Consumption Layer serves data to analytics consumers, providing secure communications between data assets and users.

APOS Live Data Gateway - Data Consumption Layer

Unifying Your Data Fabric with APOS Live Data Gateway

APOS Live Data Gateway's virtualized data connectivity provides a tool to help establish an environment that unifies architecture, providing seamless data connectivity and assisting organizations in their data management and governance.

APOS Live Data Gateway's virtualized data connectivity lets you:

  • Access data from its existing location
  • Reduce or eliminate data latency, providing a current, single version of the truth
  • Keep data behind the firewall to protect against potential misuse
  • Create a unified semantic layer to simplify self-service analytics
  • Leverage the existing security on your data assets
  • Leverage the existing data modelling from your data assets

Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway.

Learn more about APOS Live Data Gateway

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