Monday, September 30, 2019

APOS Upgrade BI S3

We've extended the thinking in our Manage BI S3framework to address upgrade and migration challenges, resulting in the Upgrade BI S3 framework.

As you may recall, the Manage BI S3framework leads you to Manage Smart, Manage Strong, and Manage Simple.

The Upgrade BI S3 framework incorporates migration and upgrade concerns into this framework, so you Upgrade Smart, Upgrade Strong, and Upgrade Safe. Simplification of the upgrade process continues to be a key objective, but additional risks that arise during the platform transition process require greater emphasis on managing a Safe migration.

Upgrade Smart

To upgrade smart is to:
  • Establish clear and granular visibility into your BI system, including content, structure, security, users, and usage patterns
  • Identify potential challenges and opportunities for your upgrade process
  • Clarify project plans and scope
  • Pinpoint actionable information

Upgrade Strong

To upgrade strong is to:
  • Remove unnecessary content from the project scope
  • Remove unnecessary steps from the process
  • Automate time-intensive content control actions
  • Automate time-intensive platform control actions

Upgrade Safe

To upgrade safe is to:
  • Protect and safeguard system content assets
  • Contain system transition risks, such as unintended system changes, mistranslations, or loss of content
  • Mitigate human error risks
  • Validate process accuracy
  • Guard system integrity

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