Monday, March 18, 2019

Solution Spotlight - APOS Administrator

APOS Administrator is one of our core solutions. It provides the help you need for most of your daily SAP BI administrative needs, as well as your major initiatives, including:
  • Bulk security management – manage security rights within a matrix, modify rights and user properties in bulk, document explicitly applied rights.
  • Bulk object management – see and manage your complete object environment, work with high volumes of objects simultaneously.
  • Bulk scheduling – create and execute report schedules in high volume, update and repeat schedules with bulk schedule templates.
  • Bulk instance management – see and manage your entire instance inventory, respond rapidly and in bulk to report failure scenarios.
  • Structured content promotion – promote between multiple environments while meeting all governance and compliance requirements.
  • Change validation – use administrative user impersonation to validate content delivery changes.

APOS Administrator lets you streamline your high-volume system changes, automate repetitive activities, and recover rapidly from failures. It automates bulk operations and provides the granular controls you need to streamline administration of your SAP BI deployment.

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