Thursday, May 16, 2019

Managing SAP BI Security – Overview

Setting up SAP BI security for a new deployment is relatively straightforward. If you keep some important principles in mind, and understand fully the impact of each decision, your defined security model should be adequate to the task.

However, as your BI deployment grows in volume and complexity, the task of managing your security model is far from straightforward, and it gets more and more difficult to keep up with the job using just the SAP BI administrative toolkit:

  • Knowledge of your system is vital to its wellbeing, and you need to develop deep awareness before you can commit to appropriate courses of action
  • Change is rapid, and you need to respond rapidly by managing change in bulk operations, rather than one at a time. You need granular control to apply your newly found deep system knowledge.
  • Content is value, and you need to ensure you safeguard this value for compliance and governance.
  • Content distribution is the whole point of a BI system, and you need to ensure this process is securely governed.
  • Data can be sensitive, and you need to ensure it is used appropriately, and that you know by whom it has been accessed.
  • Your BI system exists to serve its users, and you need to be able to audit, analyze and understand the behavior of those users to ensure they are getting what they need, and that they are not abusing the BI system in any way.
This post begins a series exploring these aspects of managing SAP BI security, including:

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