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APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Live Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, Google Analytics, Salesforce

A multinational construction equipment manufacturer adopted SAP Analytics Cloud as its Analytics solution and needed to expand live data connectivity beyond their SAP data assets to include data from Microsoft SQL Server, Google Analytics and Salesforce. This added connectivity was needed to create a more complete Analytics and Reporting platform, including a large rear-projection wall screen that is visible to many team members which displays corporate data, as well as sales and marketing data.

Customer Success – Retail - APOS Live Data Gateway


  • Live data connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Live data connectivity to Google Analytics
  • Live data connectivity to Salesforce
  • Ability to leverage existing security and data modelling on non-SAP data assets
  • High-performance query capabilities with large data sets
  • High-availability dashboard to communicate Analytics data on IoT telemetrics, sales and marketing


This organization selected APOS Live Data Gateway as their live data connectivity. This solution gave them native live connectivity for not just Microsoft SQL Server, but also for Google Analytics and Salesforce, in which most telemetric, sales and marketing data resided. They continue to use this solution to build out their Analytics program with IoT telemetrics, inventory, sales and marketing reporting, presenting a single version of their corporate reality.

The solution powers an SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard displayed on a massiverear projection screen overlooking their executive offices and manufacturing floor. The dashboard communicates a corporate "one world” view, and the organization’s technological vision and leadership. The APOS solution provides the reliable data connectivity the organization needs to reinforce this messaging.

APOS Live Data Gateway provides:

  • Access to data in its existing location
    Data does not have to be moved or changed.
  • Data that is always current
    The SAP Analytics Cloud driven dashboard displays current data from the non-SAP data assets.
  • Data that remains safe behind the corporate firewall
    Data remains in its source location and the APOS Live Data Gateway is installed on a network server.
  • A unified semantic layer
    Access all non-SAP data assets through connection points within a single application.
  • Ability to leverage existing data modelling
    The solution lets the organization build views within its semantic layer to leverage the source data modelling.
  • Ability to leverage existing security
    The solution respects existing security provisions on the data assets.


“APOS Live Data Gateway provides the means to connect to a wide variety of data assets that  add important value to our customers and the objectives within their analytics initiatives, allowing them not only to access these data sources, but do so in live connection mode, gaining all of the important benefits and efficiencies of live connectivity.”
Allan Pym, COO, APOS Systems

“This customer is over the moon happy with it; our customer contact noted to me that he has never seen another solution run so flawlessly, and precisely as advertised.”
Jay Murdoch, Account Manager, APOS Systems



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