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How Live Data Connectivity Is Essential to Analytics Productivity

Live data connectivity is a horizontal requirement: it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. The need for live data connectivity stretches across all verticals. All organizations need Analytics to achieve their objectives. All Analytics programs need data to enable their analysts. What differentiates Analytic programs is how comprehensive that data is.

APOS Live Data Gateway helps analysts across the spectrum of business and not-for-profit organizations who are using SAP Analytics Cloud to fulfill their Analytics missions by enabling the inclusion of data from all enterprise data assets in their Analytics. Enterprise data resides in numerous data assets, and APOS Live Data Gateway makes that data available where it resides. Data is live, and remains current, governed and secure.

Here are some use cases that demonstrate the universality of the need for data and how APOS Live Data Gateway provides an efficient and effective means of Analytics access:

Charity Organization – Extended, High-Performance Live Data Connectivity

A global, church-based, charity confederation working to alleviate hunger and poverty uses SAP Analytics Cloud to report on internal cost allocations to controllers, managers and directors. They needed to expand their analytics with access to SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) data located in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SSAS. They were looking for high-performance, live data connectivity that would give their reports rapid drill-down capabilities into line items.

The company selected APOS Live Data Gateway to implement live data connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SSAS, yielding high-performance data connectivity with SAP Analytics Cloud.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Charity Organization

Food Ingredient Manufacturer – Non-SAP Data Assets

A Europe-based food ingredient manufacturer doing nearly €1 billion in annual sales deployed SAP Analytics Cloud with data from SAP BW/4HANA, but needed to expand live data connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (MSAS) and Microsoft SQL Server. These expanded data connectivity needs focused on important data related to sales statistics, as well as customer incident tracking data, to be used for sales, operational, and executive steering committee management needs.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Non-SAP Data Assets

International Retail Bank -Streamlining Regulatory Reporting

A large international retail bank, insurer and cooperative based in France needed to streamline their quarterly regulatory reporting workflow to ensure timely management of audit controls across regional and local branches.
Data from their SAP Financial Consolidation module was essential to this effort, and they needed to replace time-consuming manual data consolidation processes by establishing live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud and their SAP Financial Consolidation data in Microsoft SQL Server.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Streamlining Regulatory Reporting

Global Leader in Human & Animal Nutrition – Connecting SAC to Denodo

A global leader in human and animal nutrition innovation and distribution with hundreds of facilities and tens of thousands of employees implemented SAP Analytics Cloud as part of their ongoing digital transformation, but needed additional connectivity to meet their analytics objectives.

Specifically, they were considering the Denodo data virtualization platform as a means of assembling data from multiple data sources as part of a centralized dashboarding project, and they needed live, integrated data connectivity from Denodo to SAP Analytics Cloud.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud to Denodo

Specialty Minerals for Industry – Responsive Billing through Live Connectivity

A leading supplier of specialty minerals for industry deployed SAP Analytics Cloud as their analytics platform, but needed additional live data connectivity and drill-down capabilities for their Redshift Cloud data warehouse, which consolidates financial and billing data. Their deployment also included Amazon Athena’s interactive query service and Amazon S3 storage. Their goal was to streamline their financial workflows and create more responsive billing processes.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Responsive Billing through Live Data Connectivity

Finance – Postgres, SSAS Live Connectivity

A top-ranked global reinsurance organization was undertaking a multi-year finance transformation project, and one of their top priorities was to provide real-time financial reporting to stakeholders. Their challenge was to make data from numerous data sources available for real-time reporting via SAP Analytics. These data sources included Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data cubes.

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Postgres, SSAS Live Connectivity – Finance

Live Data Connectivity – Key to Analytics Success

Using APOS Live Data Gateway, all of these organizations gained:

  • High-performance virtualized data connectivity from SAC to important, frequently non-SAP data assets
  • Real-time reporting with current, secure and governed data
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration
  • Self-service data modelling and analytics enablement
  • Ease of deployment and use

Learn more about how APOS Live Data Gateway can expand your Analytics program.


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