Wednesday, July 19, 2023

ConsultNetwork Webinar – APOS Live Data Gateway

Recently, APOS Business Development Manager Jay Murdoch and APOS Solution Consulting Manager Alan Golding joined Mario Rosenfelder from our Austrian partner ConsultNetwork on a webinar to discuss APOS Live Data Gateway. While the webinar content was delivered primarily in English, Mario added a German introduction and presented himself as an excellent resource for our German-speaking customers and potential customers.

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More German-Language Webinars

This webinar is the latest example of APOS representatives working with our partners to get the APOS Live Data Gateway message out to organizations in the DACH countries – Deutschland, Austria, Confoederatio Helvetica (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Webinars hosted by Michael Müller from earlier this year, available on demand:

German- & Spanish-Language Resources

German brochures:

Spanish language brochures:

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