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APOS Publisher for Cloud – Report Broadcasting in a Nutshell

Report broadcasting, also known as bursting, is the amplification of your Analytics content to a defined set of recipients who have specific needs and preferences concerning the timing, location, content and formatting of reports.
APOS Publisher for Cloud is a software solution with processing server(s) installed on your network and a client application on workstations. Publisher for Cloud includes:

  • An Administration Utility where users, groups, folders and security are defined and maintained by administrators
  • A Management Console where you create bursting definitions to define broadcasting processes
  • A data source containing the bursting definitions used to process your broadcasts
  • A broadcast recipient data source used dynamically by bursting definitions to communicate effectively will all recipients
APOS Publisher for Cloud - Report Broadcasting in a Nutshell

To initiate a broadcast for a given bursting definition:

  • APOS Publisher for Cloud reaches out to SAP Analytics Cloud to assemble the dynamic content needed for the broadcast in the form of a SAC story and the data needed to populate the story.
  • The content is exported to the tailored formats specified for each individual in the bursting definition, such as PDF, or Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word, or an image.
  • The exported content is then broadcast to the locations specified for each of these individuals, such as email, a network folder, or FTP.

What Is Report Broadcasting?

Here is a video that briefly describes data-driven broadcasting:



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