Thursday, April 8, 2021

SAP BusinessObjects Change Management with APOS Insight

In our recent webinar, Flashes of Insight – Managing Change in Your SAP BI System*, we examined the need for change management in your SAP BusinessObjects system, and how APOS Insight can simplify and automate change management. The webinar also provided APOS customer use cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of APOS Insight in dealing with real change management scenarios.

APOS Insight has numerous uses within you SAP BusinessObjects environment, including:

Of these, BI system auditing and BI report testing are most relevant to SAP BI change management. For more information on these topics, view the webinar on demand.

APOS Insight Use Case Scenarios

Large US Energy/Utilities Provider
During internal and external audits, auditors required clarification about whether a library of control reports had changed or not changed during the latest fiscal cycle. This requirement included the need for documentation to validate the report change details.

APOS Insight Change Management Use Case - Energy

Multinational Insurance Company
Report Testing was an extremely time consuming manual process, which was needed for every environment as part of their report development processes and upgrades. They had thousands of reports, so only a small subset of reports were being tested, meaning that the true level of testing was quite limited.

APOS Insight Change Management Use Case - Insurance

Large Multi-State US Law Firm
Suspicion of internal data breaches led them to more detailed research which found that someone had access to reports that they should not have. That person also had the ability to export the reports contents locally to their computer and use that data in prohibited ways.

APOS Insight Change Management - Legal

APOS Customer Success with APOS Insight

Here are some customer success stories that illustrate how APOS Insight can be used to manage change in your SAP BI environment:

*Note: This and other recent webinars are available for you to view on demand.




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