Thursday, August 26, 2021

APOS Live Data Gateway Use Case – Responsive Billing through Live Data Connectivity

A leading supplier of specialty minerals for industry deployed SAP Analytics Cloud as their analytics platform, but needed additional live data connectivity and drill-down capabilities for their Redshift Cloud data warehouse, which consolidates financial and billing data. Their deployment also included Amazon Athena’s interactive query service and Amazon S3 storage. Their goal was to streamline their financial workflows and create more responsive billing processes.

Responsive Billing through Live Data Connectivity


  • Live data connectivity to Amazon Redshift
    They needed a live data connection to their Amazon Redshift Cloud data warehouse allowing drill down into financial details.
  • Real-time, measurable results
    They needed to coordinate order and fulfillment data to create a more responsive billing process and to bill customers appropriately.
  • Governed connectivity
    They needed to ensure the security of data and data flows to protect financial data from exposure or misuse.
  • High-performance connectivity
    They needed to ensure the solution met established performance benchmarks.

Solution: APOS Live Data Gateway

This company selected APOS Live Data Gateway after testing it thoroughly against their requirements. Live Data Gateway provides high-performance connectivity to over 150 data sources, including non-SAP data sources such as Amazon Redshift, providing rapid drill-down to live financial data with fast query speed, which allows their users to compare orders, fulfillment and other criteria to determine appropriate customer billing. Live Data Gateway provides governed connectivity by respecting the security and modelling of each data asset.


“After being referred by SAP, this customer tested APOS Live Data Gateway against their requirements and were completely satisfied that the solution met or exceeded their requirements and benchmarks. They were especially pleased with the solution's high-performance data connectivity, and its ability to return query results very quickly from their Redshift data asset.”
Alan Golding, Solution Consulting Manager, APOS


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