Tuesday, January 12, 2021

APOS Customer Success – LINDORFF – Part of Intrum

Part of Intrum AB, Lindorff is Europe's market-leading debt collection agency, with a range of credit management and financial services. Lindorff's vision is to lead most people and corporate Norway to a healthy economy, helping people find good solutions to their payment challenges, and helping companies reduce risk. Part of an international group with over 10,000 employees in 25 markets, Lindorff employs 700 in Oslo, Røyken, Bergen and Trondheim.


Lindorff needed better publishing capabilities to meet growing demand on their SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reporting. They wanted to provide greater usability to their customers, while simplifying their scheduling and bursting processes.

LINDORFF Intrum Customer Success

Lindorff – Personalized, Flexible, Usable Report Bursting – APOS Publisher

Lindorff replaced their existing scheduling and publishing functionality with APOS Publisher.

  • Personalized Report Bursting
    Lindorff uses APOS Publisher’s bursting definition methods to simplify the delivery of personalized reports, while enforcing important data security methods.
  • BI Launchpad Integration
    APOS Publisher’s integration with SAP’s BI Launchpad lets Lindorff send reports in the formats most usable to their customers, including PDF and Excel.
  • Flexible Report Scheduling
    Flexible options of APOS Publisher will allow Lindorff to broaden their publishing capabilities over time and explore new methods for meeting customer needs.


APOS has provided us with incredibly good service in helping us find a solution for scheduling standard reports to our clients. Before we purchased APOS Publisher, we had the opportunity to test the solution for several months. APOS Publisher’s Distribution Server is integrated with SAP BusinessObjects BI Launchpad, so we can schedule jobs there and use events and calendars. This works great! We have also created a database where our clients have the opportunity to update new orders via a web interface. Bursting Manager lets us connect to different databases, which was important because we use both Sybase and Oracle databases in our bursting definitions. APOS technical support has been very helpful and responsive in helping us get the solution up and running quickly and smoothly.

Synnøve Bonsaksen, Senior consultant DWH, Lindorff





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