Friday, December 18, 2020

APOS Insight for Cloud – SAP Analytics Cloud Maintenance & Management

One of the critical differences between on-premise BI and cloud-based analytics is ownership of the environment. While this is a major selling point for cloud-based analytics, it also brings challenges, particularly with regard to upgrade processes, change management, and governance.

APOS Insight for Cloud uses your SAC stories as reference points to support your change management processes and provide control mechanisms and governance over the SAC upgrade process, allowing you to validate that all is working as it should.

Watch this video for a summary of how maintenance and management differ between SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud:


APOS Insight for Cloud providees monitoring, validation and impact analysis for SAP Analytics Cloud. Watch this video to see how:


APOS Insight for Cloud helps you:

  • Establish a clear understanding of your SAC system – current availability and performance
  • Establish a clear understanding of your SAC stories – current availability and performance
  • Be alerted when challenges occur and performance declines
  • Understand impact of changes on your SAC system and related components
  • Understand impact of changes on your SAC stories
  • Simplify and speed troubleshooting
  • Reduce system management resource needs
  • Improve overall system responsiveness and effectiveness



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