Wednesday, July 19, 2023

CData Podcast: Best-of-Breed Analytics with APOS and SAP Analytics Cloud

APOS COO Allan Pym recently sat down for a CData JOIN podcast to discuss innovations, trends and real-life case studies.

CData is a leader in real-time data connectivity and an APOS partner supplying JDBC drivers for a variety of non-SAP data assets. APOS uses CData drivers in conjunction with its APOS Live Data Gateway solution.

CData JOIN Podcast

APOS Live Data Gateway is the leading solution for organizations needing live data connectivity from SAP Analytics Cloud to non-SAP data assets. This layered middleware unites data virtualization, data preparation and transformation, and data consumption protocols (including single sign-on) to create connections to data assets and views on that data that respect the assets security structures.

The podcast focuses on how live data connectivity benefits organizations using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Allan noted that while SAC is Cloud-based, meaning that all its content and processes are hosted in the Cloud, the data assets drawn on by the content and processes may reside in any number of Cloud and non-Cloud database data sources. Live data connectivity allows the Cloud-based processes and content to use these data assets without moving the data, letting SAC leverage the security and data modelling of the data assets.

APOS Live Data Gateway leverages the raw data connectivity of CData for efficient, virtualized access to data.

Listen to the podcast for more information on how APOS Live Data Gateway customers are leveraging the existing security and data modelling within best-of-breed data technologies while minimizing data latency and risk, and achieving data democratization through self-serve analytics.

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