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Customer Success – APOS Web Intelligence Migrator - Financial Sector

Converting UNV to UNX & Repointing Web Intelligence Reports

A large, multinational insurance and financial institution with a long-term commitment to SAP BusinessObjects used APOS Web Intelligence Migrator to implement UNX universes in readiness for SAP BI 2025.

BI 2025 will not support UNV universes, so this financial institution found itself in the same situation as the vast majority of organizations planning to continue their use of the SAP BusinessObjects platform into the foreseeable future: they needed to plan and execute the conversion of their UNV universes to UNX , and the repointing and validation of their Web Intelligence reports.

APOS Web Intelligence Migrator - Multinational Financial Institution - UNV to UNX


  • Upgrade 100+ universes, repoint 4,000+ reports, and test the results
  • Administer upgrades across business units
  • Centralize management within a dedicated team


  • Limited resources make timely upgrade difficult with manual processes
  • Costs of resources for manual upgrade would be significant
  • Coordination of multiple business unit upgrades is difficult to manage

Solution – APOS Web Intelligence Migrator

With successful deployment of APOS Web Intelligence Migrator, the centralized BI team:

  • Managed project time and resources efficiently
  • Coordinated upgrades across multiple BI user departments effectively
  • Vastly reduced cost and execution time
  • Streamlined SAP BusinessObjects and reduced technical debt


“The APOS solution allowed us to turn a very large and challenging upgrade project into one that we executed within a very controlled time with few resources. We completed the project well ahead of schedule, and the cost savings were dramatic. My BI operations team and our departmental user teams experienced no disruption, and now we are well positioned for our BusinessObjects future. Thanks, APOS!”
Technical Director, Data & Business Intelligence Technology


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