Friday, February 12, 2021

4 Areas to Consider in Right-Sizing SAP BusinessObjects

In a recent webinar, we discussed right-sizing SAP BusinessObjects for your next steps, whatever those steps may be. In that webinar we named four areas to focus on:

  • Content
  • Users
  • Licenses
  • Infrastructure

In order to rationalize, reduce, and restructure your SAP BusinessObjects deployment, you need to take stock of what you have and determine what is necessary and what is not.


To come to an understanding of what content is and isn’t necessary, you need to audit your system to find out what is there, what is being used, and which schedules and instances are no longer relevant. You will also want a catalog of your universes, and to know which are active and which are not active.


You will want to take stock of your users and groups as well. Are there users who have moved on to SAP Analytics Cloud and no longer need to log in to SAP BusinessObjects? Can you reduce the number of groups through consolidation?


If you are scaling down because you are moving users and content to SAP Analytics Cloud, you are in the perfect position to take advantage of SAP’s Cloud Extension policy, as detailed by Andrew Fox here.


You will want to know whether your SAP BusinessObjects servers are being under-utilized or over-utilized to decide whether changes to infrastructure are necessary.

Discovering these details of your deployment will be much easier if you use an auditing and monitoring solution such as APOS Insight, and the webinar goes on to describe how this particular solution can help.

Rationalizing your content is tricky, unless you have a well developed content storage strategy and can automate this strategy using an automated solution such as APOS Storage Center. Simply deleting content may not be an option, particularly if you have internal audit and regulatory requirements to meet. APOS Storage Center allows you to back up and archive content. Just as important, this solution allows you to restore content selectively to its original location, or to another location of your choice. Without this capability, you may have to restore your entire system to recover lost content.


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