Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Managing SAP BI Security – Audit & Analysis

Security starts with knowledge. You can't manage what you can't see. APOS Insight is designed to provide deep visibility into your SAP BI deployments, giving you the knowledge you need to overcome their growing volume and complexity.

Your BI team is tasked with seemingly conflicting objectives: to distribute information and to safeguard information. You need to get the right information (and only the right information) to the right people (and only the right people). The key to reconciling these objectives lies in developing a granular view of your security structure, and monitoring that structure for changes, whether planned or unplanned.

Our first focus is generally on the accessibility of data -- getting our data into data warehouses, moving our reports between environments, bursting reports to a wide variety of information consumers, etc. We spend so much time getting these things right that we may not fully consider what can go wrong. We may not know something can go wrong until it does. Worse still, we may not know that problems have occurred. Bringing resources to bear on the issue of security is part of the solution. The other, equally important, parts are the development of deep system knowledge and the application of that knowledge in a systematic manner.

APOS Insight Audit
Form an accurate picture of all security elements and compare periodic snapshots to determine when security modifications were made and (by combining Audit data) by whom; monitor regulatory compliance requirements. By using the metadata collected by the APOS Insight solution, you can quickly report on the security settings that exist in your system. This functionality can be useful when you need to provide proof of security when dealing with regulatory agencies.

APOS Insight History Mode
Good governance is a function of the good security provided by strict metadata audit and management. APOS Insight's History mode gives you the power to track all changes to report objects over time, supporting your change management workflows, and letting you demonstrate the provenance of reports and control objects for better governance and compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g.: for SOX). change management

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